Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Submissive Rant

Sorry guys, I gotta rant...

I'm on IMVU (sn: MimiPhryxus) and I was playing around in some furry rooms looking for online Mistress to play with for a time. I had not realized how serious some people take this sadly -_-

I was taken in by a Mistress last night, DecievingSmile, on the basis that this was nothing serious, I wasn't "owned" by her or whatever, we were just trying things out. Anyways, she gave me permission in e-mail that I could play with other Mistresses since she planned to share me anyways, which I'm cool with online only.
I go to another room this morning and was taken in my Mistress Alyssa. Suddenly DS comes in and accuses me of leaving her and cheating or whatever you'd like to call it.
I explain that, no I had permission per our e-mails. She says I was lying and I got kicked out and she received an apology from the room!!!

I'm sorry but this is ridiculous.
I am not a liar. I would have said, sorry but I have a mistress if I had thought the situation serious.
Besides, to go and acuse someone and take another's side just because I'm a pet and she's a mistress is also stupid. I thought slaves were protected...maybe that's just IRL. -_- I'm not sure how much longer i'm going to stay on IMVU.

If anyone would like to friend me on there, feel free to do so...please don't mind the rant this is just fresh in my head and I'm pissed at being called a Liar.

On an added note, who the hell takes on a sub in 2 seconds of meeting them anyways? What sub would trust an online mistress enough to be "owned" after 1 conversation? How dumb is that?

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  1. *hugs* you got smacked by a bitch dommes like that give the rest of us bad names feel better soon