Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Submissive Rant Update

For those of you who would like to know the outcome of the rant I had yesterday...

After I wrote my rant and got my anger posted...I wrote a calmer e-mail to Mistress Allysa, the Mistress DecievingSmiles said I was cheating with, and explained what happened and that I was offended by the treatment of her house.
She wrote me back, glad that I had explained, that she understood well what happened and understood my side in it. She then invited me to play with her ^_^
I was very happy that she believed me but then I explained that I don't intend to be owned on IMVU just a plaything or pet, that the only person who really owns me is Sir Phryxus irl and I intended to play with multiple mistresses. She understood and now I am playing with her too ^_^ -stick tongue out at Allysa's meanie house people-

Allysa is a wonderful Domme who plays a futa online and is a participant in her offline BDSM community. She runs several markets on IMVU and is very good at it as far as I've seen, looking after slaves until a Master or Mistress comes to claim them.

Oh and thank you ChiChi for commenting on the rant, I most certainly never assumed that all or even many Domme's were like that, especially not you ^_~

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