Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog Updates

Ok, so if you look to the right ----------->
You'll see lots of links and stuff, some of which are new!
I have a few new link categories, specifically Kinky Entertainment and Fetish Websites along with my Kinksters and Lolita Blogs.

I mostly wanted to post about the Entertainment part.
Right now there are 2 webcomics on that list: Nic Buxom's Trials of a Dominatrix and Girls with Sling Shots by Danielle Corsetto.

The first one is a little self explanatory. The comic is great and funny and I love the style. I just found it when I was writing my article on fetish jobs and couldn't help but start reading. I haven't gotten far so I don't have much of a review for you, sorry.

The second one is awesome!
The plot is pretty basic, just following the lives of a group of friends.
There's Hazel who is a tactless tomboy-ish aspiring writer who struggles with her career and relationships in a comical way...and may or may not be a complete alcoholi-em-drunk lol.
Then there's Jamie, my favorite ^_^ I was actually turned onto this comic by a friend saying I was like her. Shes a sure chick lol. But she's bouncy and has great assets that get her free drinks ^_^
Other characters include a librarian dominatrix, a blog junky (and they thought Jamie was like me lol), a talking cactus, a mentally challenges and health challenged and expensive cat called Special K, and so much more! ^_^ Can't you see why I love this comic yet? lol

Oh and I will also be adding the artwork of Shiniez to the list, just hadn't thought about it until I started blogging away lol.

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