Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Judge My Friends Because of Me...

You ever hear of a person being judged by the people they associate with?
Well, how about judging people I associate with because of the fact that I have associated with them?

This happened to me recently.
I in the past have spoken to and scene'd with a girl who I will not name for the sake of keeping this post as nice as possible but will call KD. This girl is nice enough but I no longer associate with her because of some situations I have been put in because of her, her tendency to cling, and the fact that despite my being very clear that I have no intentions to have another woman in my life and only look to have BDSM scene relations has taken my interest as a Domme as being interests in a perspective partner.

I later had two dear friends of mine come to me and mention KD and hanging out with her. I didn't say anything about her in a negative way as I'm sure that many people could hang out with KD without becoming enmeshed in a situation like I was.
Unfortunately, KD began to turn her interests onto them and again become clingy and not listening to their explanations of non-interest. When they brought this to me and followed this up with the fact that the only reason they began hanging out with her was because she and I were friends - and gave me the compliment of being a great judge of character - I became worried.

So here is my DISCLAIMER
Just because I associate with, become friends with, or even scene with a person does not mean that I have proven that they are in any way cleared for play with other friends of mine
I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for people you become friends with.
Just because I hang with someone does not mean they are not a crazy bitch, a sexual predator, an unsafe Dom/me, or any other issues. I hang with them because they said HI and have yet to show any of these tendencies to me.

I also want to admit that I am actually not a great judge of character.
I have been in abusive relationships with friends and boyfriends.
I have a bad tendency to see the potential for good in people and stick with them even when they abuse our relationship to a point that my own mental/emotional/physical health was at risk.

Does this mean that I don't think you should meet my friends and hang with them? Not at all
Just please don't think that just because I have a drink and hang with a person means that you can assume they are automatically cleared and are a great person to be with/have sex with/scene with/or whatever.

Lady Phryxus

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