Monday, February 11, 2013

FoxFinder Party

February 9th private play party hosted by FoxFinder Productions for those attending the blood play and rope play studies with Jim Duval and PhoenixB was a fantastic get-together were the students of the class could give it ago what they had learned earlier that day, or see what they learned in action during a play session.

Sir, Punky Pup, and myself were not students at these classes so, unfortunately, I cannot give any sort of account at how they went. We, instead, were aids to Sarha and FoxFinder (hosts of the party) and helped set-up play equipment, make baked goods, and clean up. For me, just helping make the baked goods (cookies, cake, muffins, crumb-cake) was a lot of fun…but I’m odd like that…plus, I was already full from nibbling on everything by the time everyone arrived, lol.

There were around 30 people in attendance. The cabins where the party was hosted were a favorite of some of the attendees as they were the same used for the party hosting Lee Harrington back in December.
The party was DJ’d by AMC Entertainment. The music was a favorite of many of the attendees and Sir and I particularly loved the Goth them of most of the music played. The music set the stage perfectly for the play involved as well as allowed for people to hang out and talk on one side of the room without interfering with the play on the other side of the room. I really hope that music is utilized at later parties because of these benefits.

The dungeon equipment available varied from St. Andrew’s Cross to spanking benches to suspension rack, to a whipping post and, of course, simple chairs and a futon that was part of the cabin furnishings. I had the pleasure of witnessing multiple impact scenes, needle play, hook-pulling involving labia, fisting, and plastic-wrap mummification (and that’s just what I saw while running around talking to people and helping out).

I did participate in one scene with Sir Phryxus. We did knife-play on the horse bench in which Sir stripped me of my fish-nets. I don’t often participate in knife-play and I haven’t been able to truly submit at a play part for some time (usually due to too much going on around me), so the scene was very strong for me.
Not really sure what I’m gonna do with the torn up fishnets now, seems a shame to toss them…Maybe an art project…

My feet were dirty from running around barefoot

During the party I also did four tarot readings, which is neither here nor there as far as BDSM is concerned but I had a lot of fun doing them and I hope those that I read for enjoyed them.

Punky Pup thought the party was great. She loved that it was a smaller crowd than some of the parties we’ve attended and this allowed for more comfortable play. She too loved that there was music playing and felt that this made the party more fun.
Sir Phryxus also greatly enjoyed himself and the only thing he said he wished could have been different is that it could have lasted longer.

Also, pictures were allowed at this party (as you can see above) and as I gave permission for pictures to be taken of me, I would love to receive those photos. If you have a picture of me, please e-mail it to nekomimiloli (at) yahoo (dot) com. I would love to post them on here and my FetLife account and would be more than happy to give you photographer credit. Thanks.

Lady Phryxus

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