Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fetish Ball 2013

Alaska Fetish Ball 2013

Last night, March 30th, the members of House Phryxus attended Fetish Ball at Mad Myrna's in Anchorage. The ball was held for charity - the Four A's food bank in Anchorage received all of the proceeds for the event.

The event featured performers of various kink scenes including blood cupping, partial rope suspension, impact play, and needle play.

The energy at the event was high, the DJ played some fantastic music keeping dance music to one part of the club and some darker or Goth music to the other. Everyone I spoke to seemed to be having a blast and had at least one scene they couldn't stop talking about or marveling over.

I was surprised at how many people we knew turned out at the event. We haven't been to a large event in Anchorage for a while now and it was felt in that as soon as I walked through the door (after standing in line for almost an hour) I was enthusiastically glomped by several people in a row, which was welcome as I was freezing, haha.

Sir happily was able to play with our friend RubberDog. I love seeing RubberDog in a scene in general - no one makes noises like he does! I love watching Sir really get into the groove of a scene. Top space is something I have yet to experience but I don't mind living voyeuristically through my Dom for now.

My only 2 complaints on the whole evening:
The bartender does not know how to make an Orgasm (he gave me a long island ice tea, ew)
and I think it would have been nice if it was more clear that anyone receiving any sort of kink play had to sign a waiver. Sir and PunkyPup were playing in a designated scene with a friend's single tail to get a feel for it and one of the event workers stopped the scene just as Pup was slipping into sub-space and really messed with her mood and mindset for the rest of the night.

PunkyPup attended Fetish Ball in 2012 and said that this year had a much bigger turn out. We heard that the money raised would be a large sum for the food bank, which everyone in the community can be proud of.

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