Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Card Games: Fusxion Adult Playing Cards

Fusxion Adult Playing Cards feature "Hard Core Action" with "Gorgeous Girls" and "Filthy Sex."
My girlfriend, PunkyPup, brought these home from her new job at Castle adult novelty store. They were free and we thought it would be fun to play with them.
I have to say, the scenes one the cards are very distracting and would probably not be the best to pull out during a poker game that require concentration.
These are not your average Playboy playing cards with pin up girls. Each card features up-close and personal action with no pixilation, black bars, or any other form of censoring.
The cards show almost every form of raunchy sex with the exception of more obscure fetishes. There's anal, threesomes, lesbians, toy usage, even anal gaping and bukkake.

The only thing missing and, what I consider a low point to the cards, is male on male sex or transgender sex. However, maybe that is just me being greedy.
The other downside to the cards is that they are flimsy. A better card stock would have been preferred especially if you're handling these cards with sticky fingers.

In all I give the cards a 3 out of 5. Great scenes even if they don't offer a show for people of all sexualities or sexual interests and if they had been better made on nicer stock I would have given them a higher score.
My girlfriend said that 3 out of 5 was generous as she felt the flimsiness of the cards was a MAJOR downside to a point she didn't think that they would last longer than 1 night of...card games.

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