Sunday, April 28, 2013

Celebrating International Ms. Leather 2013

Last night, April 27th, House Phryxus went to The Raven in Anchorage and celebrated with other members of the community our very own Sarha Shaubach winning International Ms. Leather 2013.

Photo taken by employee of The Raven
My heart is black and blue for this woman! She will be traveling all over the US, Canada, and even Berlin and Amsterdam with her title and experiencing all this kinky world has to offer all while representing Alaska and Leather Women!

The celebration included gifts being made to Sarha for her actions and leather love as well as aid for her travel fund. Gifts included a pair of leather pants worn all over the US by our own community boot black, International Community Boot Black 2010, RedWarrior. Sarha was also awarded the Golgi Apparatus "Dirty Dick" Award from Sir Phryxus who received it last at the Shitty Sunday Show.
We also all enjoyed a celebratory cake, conversation and RedWarrior's boot blacking skills.

RedWarrior was the first to condition and polish up by very first leather vest last night. The experience was luxurious and sensual and smelled soooo fucking good!
She also polished up Sir Phryxus' boots...while he was wearing a kilt...traditionally ^_~
His traditional/regimental kilt wearing also resulted in a number of celebrants 'kilt-checking' him. He said at one point he felt like the center of a jerk-off circle. I am also proud to say that a previous Mr. Alaska Leather (2001) kilt-checked my husband...thoroughly! He asked Sir what I would say if I were to walk by and see this, and Sir, knowing me so well, said I would probably giggle and keep walking.

My little sister, Devious Kitty, won the raffle taking place and her reward was a leather-covered, wooden paddle that I was honored to have the first whack's on her bottom with. It was a lot of fun, to say the least.

not looking so Sinister
Sir Phryxus also was able to show off a little bit of rope-work on SinisterWolfy's arms last night, which was nice to watch just as Wolfy's corseting on PunkyPup and coming soon.
PunkyPup...being herself...
I was also happy to see SinisterWolfy's Glacier Pack out in force last night.

In all, I had a ton of fun and am so proud of my community for coming out and celebrating.

Black and Blue for You
Lady Phryxus

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  1. I can't wait to see the pictures. my hands still hurt a bit form the corseting last night. But its been a wile since i got to do it. the skin on my hands hardening will build as i have a plethora of girls to do it on now. the rope work was great thank you Sir Phryxus it was a blast as always.