Monday, April 22, 2013

Call for Reviewers: Erotic Toy Town

EroticToyTown is offering free sex toys to qualified bloggers and product reviewers!

Please email for approval. Tell 'em Lady Phryxus sent you ^_~

ETT is looking for reviewers that provide the following information:

  • Product URL or SKU that you would like to review from this selection or other similar priced product from the store or something you would like to review but they do not yet carry. Reach out and ETT will see if they can accommodate your desires.
  • URL of your blog, forum or review site with traffic statistics, social media presence, and other relevant information. The blog must be related in some way to either sex toys, or have erotic content or be related to health and beauty in some way.
  • Turn around time - i.e. how long will it take for a review to be completed and live after you receive an item. Please take into account your personal and professional time and any other possible situations like moving, medical and other issues.

There is also a Sex Toys for Bloggers YouTube clip from ETT.

EroticToyTown cooperates ONLY with responsible bloggers. The store maintains and shares with the industry a black list of bloggers who request items and disappear or do not produce them within a promised turn around time.

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