Monday, April 1, 2013

Black Rose Mouth Bit

by Doc Johnson 
from The Adult Toy Shop

As my first toy from The Adult Toy Shop, I was very impressed by their online store and shipping process. The shipping was super fast and discreet (the mailer was labeled from Shipping Dept).

The Mouth Bit advertises comfort for long wear as well as beauty. I definitely got both of these things from this toy.

I wore the Mouth Bit to the Alaska Fetish Ball on March 30th after receiving it in the mail the morning of the event. It matched by purple and black outfit perfectly, looked beautiful with the purple silk ties and vinyl black roses, and could relax around my neck or fit comfortably in my mouth for the evening.

I have temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD/TMJ. This causes me to have difficulties in using gags that force my mouth open for an extended period of time as my jaw will lock up and become painful. Bit gags like the Black Rose Mouth Bit are perfect for me in that they don't force my mouth into an uncomfortable position but still perform the task of muffling speech.

As for the look of this Mouth Bit, I really love the style and the purple silk ribbons. They create the perfect comfort fit for the gag and I think that if the Bit had been made with leather or nylon straps, the comfort and beauty of this toy would have been lost.

The black rose detail of this Mouth Bit is adorable. I did have to work with the gag to place them properly as the plastic bit moves along the ribbon between the two roses.

As for the pthalates-free plastic bit, I was at first worried about the material not because of chemicals or comfort but because of durability. I have sharp little teeth. Sir has often whacked m for biting him because my teeth have been sharp enough to inflict marks and bring up blood. I was worried that my teeth would be able to tear the plastic but after biting on it hard and chewing on it, I found it to be both durable and without indentation from my front teeth.

After passing all the tests of aesthetics, comfort and durability, I give the Black Rose Mouth Bit a 5 out of 5 stars! I love this gag recommend it heartily.

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