Thursday, February 7, 2013

Derby Girls are Sexy

My girlfriend is a Derby Dame, a Roller Girl, a Boom Town Hottie!

Last month our Punky Pup joined Boom Town Derby Dames in Wasilla, AK and became their Fresh Meat on her way to becoming one of their rollergirls.

I had heard of Roller Derby before, from a friend in Johnson City, TN who was on a team. I never gave it much thought until Pup came back from New York City for Christmas talking about buying skates, hip-checking, and spanks.

Sir, being oh-so-helpful, showed me some videos of roller derby. The videos were, of course, of the most gruesome bouts he could find that mostly involved what looked like WWE with girls on skates - because that extra weapon was what they needed.
With a little more than mild trepidation, I went to my first bout with Pup to watch Boom Town vs Denali Destroyer Dolls.
We had a blast. Hanging out with a group of what turned out to be a bunch of like-minded poly-people, we watched as the two teams skated like mad. It was a very close game with Boom Town winning by a mere 20 points, which, for Roller Derby, is really close.

I won't go into the nit-pickiness of Roller Derby (if you want more info, check out Derby 101 on the Boom Town site), instead I wanted to focus on how cute these girls are.
I'm quite serious. Not just my girlfriend, who is a hottie in her Derby Gear

Her derby name is SubMischievous
But these girls are athletes who aren't afraid of bumps, bruises, scrabes, busted-lips, aching ribs, and what not. They'll hip-check, shove, pull, and grab some ass on their way to the front of the pack. Plus, they were SPANKS!
Here is a sample of some of the gear and clothing from 2 n 1 Skate Shoppe here in Wasilla, AK where Pup bought her gear, run by local Derby Girls. The clothes are ADORABLE and look sexy as hell on some of these girls. I just wanna smack so much booty at Pup's practices I feel like such a perv, haha.

While this post is an update on the madness going on in our lives, it is also a warning, there will be lots of Derby nonsense to come for House Phryxus and there will be tid bits and spanks galore of it on the blog. Just a heads up.

Lady Phryxus

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