Thursday, July 12, 2012

Submissive Guide Courses 5 star Review

My darling readers, today I’d like to share something really wonderful with you all.

I’ve been looking at a few websites that deal mainly in information about BDSM and offer courses and e-books on Dominance and Submission. There are a lot of sites on the subject and offering some basic definitions, references to classic books with Sadomasochistic themes, and testimonies from real submissives and slaves. However, the Submissive Guide and the classes written by lunaKM are the best resources I’ve come across and probably the best out there online for those interested in learning about or improving their submission.

Some of the resources the Submissive Guide include pdf files of Wants and Needs and of 20 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Submission; articles explaining and instructing how to create a Training Resume; and e-mailcourses on BDSM and Personal Submission. These are great files and classes and I’m happy that I can share them with you here.

I’ve found these resources beneficial to aiding me and Sir Phryxus in maintaining our D/s relationship even as we are now unable to act on it openly due to our living arrangements at the moment. It has also allowed me to better embrace my submission and prepare me for the time, in the near future, when I will be collared and our D/s relationship deepened.

I recommend these resources and the classes to any submissive – whether you’re new to the scene or simply looking to strengthen your personal submission or just learn a little more about yourself. Even if you don’t take the classes, I do recommend reading the short file of 20 Things You Can Do Today to Improve Your Submission that you can get by signing up for her newsletter for some great self-improvement ideas.

I hope you enjoy them and find them as beneficial as I do. 

Lady Phryxus

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