Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Pink and Purple LoliFlog

A while back I posted that I had received a new flogger from toy creator MzBitch of Sensuous Bliss
Well, Sir Phryxus and I finally got a chance to use it July 14th at the local play party.

My pink and purple leather flogger, which I have dubbed the LoliFlog, received a lot of attention and admiration from the community Saturday night. The few who asked to check it out all said it looked pretty and painful. This, I can now testify, is the truth.

The flogger is made of leather (I'm assuming cow hide, because I wasn't informed otherwise) dyed pink and purple and knotted with silver plastic beads at the end of each of the 42 tails. It is not a cat-o-nine as many people called it at the party...a Cat-o-nine has NINE tails >.<

At the suspension rig and, later at the St. Andrew's Cross, Daddy warmed me up with our other 2 customer floggers from Toolworks Chicago, which I am used to, then brought out my LoliFlog. Even going easy, the silvery beads and knots at the end make sure to grab my attention. As the throws grew harder and heavier, I could feel each bead against my skin and, even though Daddy made sure not to mark me right away, I could feel heated welts from each sting form as the beating went on along my shoulders, back, hips, ass, thighs and even between my legs.
Warning: This toy is not for a beginner masochist.

Daddy's comment on using the flogger was "it seems to hold up well its pretty lite which I'm not use to so controlling how hard it hits is hard. All in all it was good, though it seemed like it would be nice and stingy." I agreed.

The only issue I had with the flogger was that it did have some glue flakes on the strands here and there that had to be pinched off and caused minor discoloration and there is a piece of leather on the handle that feels a little loosely glued but didn't seem to get any looser after use, so it should be fine.

All in all, the LoliFlog gets a 5 star rating from me. I can't wait to have it used on me again ^_^

Lady Phryxus

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