Friday, July 13, 2012

Anchorage AK Munch

Went to the Anchorage Munch…well, it was actually a Coffee since it was held at Barnes & Noble. I was a little overwhelmed at first because it was easily three times or more bigger than the last munch we went to but I was told that this is the most that anyones seen show up in a long time and it could be due to a play party coming up and everyone wants to be remembered so they can go.

Despite the size, everyone was super nice. Both Sir and I felt very welcome and everyone we spoke to was very interesting.
The bulk of the time we spent sitting with one of the event coordinators who did a run down of the rules – which were very basic and common sense like don’t touch other peoples toys, no alcohol, don’t be a douche sort of things.
I’m actually really glad they make a point of meeting everyone before they allow them at a play party. It makes me feel a lot safer knowing that everyone has had some form of screening and knows the rules. I also like that there will be 3 photographers and they will take a picture if you ask – this prevents pictures of people who are more private from being leaked.

I still have to talk to the group leaders about blogging about the party or any upcoming events. I feel like I should have an immediate disclaimer – I am Soooo Blogging This! – but even I, in my excitement, am smart enough to know not to describe people or give out any names when it’s not wanted.

I’ll let you know how the play party goes…if I’m allowed ^_~

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