Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ex-Relationships and The Markings Left Behind

I have returned to my blog, re-read some of the posts, looked at my life now, and seen a number of changes in House Phryxus and with me.
I was tempted, as I re-read some past posts, to go back and edit out names of relationships that are no longer a part of my life. Make a clean slate of things as it were. The temptation was strong just like so many others who have loved and lost and wish they could erase the markings even after the ache in our hearts is gone. Much like a tattoo...this would require work.

I weighed things out and in the end I decided not to erase those names or delete those images here. Doing so would not eliminate the open space their absence has created. By switching names like PunkyPup (Pup) and Wolfy, who I am not longer with, to "my ex" or "my old girlfriend"...this only makes for more work and awkwardness in my life.

Erasing their names would also negate the lessons learned and impact they have had on me. By being in a relationship with all of my exes, not just those mentioned here, I have learned about myself, about my desires and boundaries, about where I want to be and who I want to be with. Considering that, I wouldn't change a thing about what has happened. By implementing this decision here, I hope that this blog will also grow, progress and evolve much like its writer.

Thank you, those of you who have touched my life and effected the House and this blog. May your name always be here.

Lady Phryxus

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