Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Whisper in the Dark...

Hello my darling readers,

It has been a while - almost over 2 months, since I last posted.

Many of you follow me on Fetlife and know whats going on - Sir Phrxus, PunkyPup and I are taking a short break from the community to work on some personal stuff.

I'm going back to school and Pup and Daddy are working for a guy up here in AK that is starting a new restaurant and so that will be taking up much of their time.


We will be back soon.
I am taking the time this holiday to revamp, rewrite, renew the blog and I am very excited about the changes we are making to it.

Yes WE

Not only will you still have the articles and reviews by yours truly but I will have a co-blogger and more pictures and what not.

There will be changes to the layout, style, affiliations, and more.
I'm hoping to make the blog easier to navigate and more pleasing to read and look at.

The changes and new posts will be up some time after the new year. No set date yet.

I hope you all are as excited as I am.

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