Friday, June 15, 2012

Ask House Phryxus

I’ve been getting some legitimate questions lately and I thought I would share a few on here because they’re questions some of us might be too embarrassed to ask otherwise.

Disclaimer: I answered these questions with my opinion. I am not a medical professional. My answers are not meant to diagnose or cure any ailment or issue. I cannot be held responsible if you take my opinion as medical or psychological fact or treatment.

Dear Lady Phryxus,
My husband has recently talked me into trying out anal sex. I enjoy it, not as much as vaginal, but its ok. Afterwards, however, I tend to have a bit of a problem of going to the bathroom too easily or leaking.
We use Anal Ease in order for me to be able to handle anal sex. Are we simply using too much or is there something else I should do?

Dear Newb,

Thanks for asking this question. I know a lot of us get embarrassed about this sort of thing but its something that, since no one talks about, gets pushed under the rug and causes some problems later on.
I do want to talk about the use of Anal Ease and like products. I’ve heard sooooo many bad things about this product that I usually tell someone I know is using it to stop all together. And yes, this could be causing the leakage afterwards as its not allowing your anus muscles to tighten when needed.

What I do recommend is a 2 part process.
First, to prevent a “mess” during or after anal sex I recommend an enema.
Some people see the word enema and freak out a lil. The E-word doesn’t have to be this big process. Sure, its very cleansing and good for you to do a full enema with a 1-4 quart bag BUT not necessary for something like anal sex. Go to the drug store and in the isle with the condoms and lube and douches you’ll see an enema kit in a small box. This contains a squeeze bottle and usually a few disposable lids. These hold a small amount of water and will only clean the lowest part of your colon. Nothing too scary there.
Plus, if you like enemas and you and your partner are into medical play, this could become part of your role-play.

The second part is, instead of using Anal Ease or some sort of relaxant, simply use a natural, organic lube or a lube that won’t destroy a condom or dildo. My hubs and I use coconut oil (but be careful not to get the coconut oil in your vagina to prevent a yeast infection).
I know that Anal Ease and like products relax your muscles back there and makes it easier for the initial thrust. However, once he’s in  there and starts moving around slowly, you’ll soon get used to the feel and won’t need Anal Ease. Let the lube and the natural feel of anal sex do the work instead.

I hope this helps!
Lady Phryxus

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