Monday, March 19, 2012

Review: 52 Weeks of Romance

If you want your partner to participate in your idea of cute, sweet, romantic dates or evenings together and make your life feel a bit more like a modern romantic comedy, try 52 Weeks of Romance (2nd Edition). This deck of cards is made up for little tasks for the couple scratch off, read and complete at some point in the week as a surprise for their partner.

I received my deck from EdenFantasys in a discreet package, as normal, and found that the box of cards inside were almost as discreet. There's nothing inherently sexual or naughty about the package. In fact, it looks like something a woman might receive form a friend on Valentines Day. I think it makes for a cute little gift for that bachelorette that you're not really wanting to buy something naughty for but still want to get something for her to enjoy with her partner.

Inside the box are 2 sheets of cards with perforated edges to rip off. Each card is labeled on the back with black or pink as a His or Her card. On the other side is a silver sheet of latex covering the task for him or her. Instructions and wording on the cards and box are in English and French for that added touch of romance.

There is also a black How-to card that explains that one of the partners should select a card and scratch it off to reveal their surprise instructions. The next week, the other partner should do the same to keep things fair. The how-to card also suggests doing this at the same time each week with the example of Friday morning at breakfast.

 Also inside is a black polyester bag with a satin look that holds the cards so that the couple can discard the box, if they so choose, and keep the cards discretely in a bag in their lingerie drawer or toy box.

The cards, even though they say "For Him" or "For Her" to read, are very gender neutral and either partner can follow the secret instructions.

Instructions include such tasks as:
  • "Set up a camera and film a commercial promoting yourself as a great mate. Make it like a shopping channel sales pitch. She'll be sure to buy after watching."
  • "Recreate a classic movie scene by wearing a trench coat over a skimpy outfit. Even if its a quick trip to get the mail, leave the house in your coat and flash your mate before you leave. He won't believe his eyes! Be ready for more than a warm welcome!"
  • "Routines dull the senses. Change them up this week. Start with household chores and switch up who does what. See if you can do something different each day for a week."
  • "Grab a cape or freestyle with a towel and announce that you are Super Lover for the night. Ask her which super power she would like you to demonstrate."

My Opinion:

I have to say that despite how much I looked forward to these cards, I was disappointed left and right by them.

My first issue was the immediate smell of the cards when I opened the box. I am so happy these don't go on the body and I'll be storing them away from my toys because it's noxious. My only guess is that the scratch-off latex is giving off the odor.
The latex, as well as being smelly, is very messy to scratch off. I would not suggest doing this in bed at all as, when we did, it got latex shavings all over the sheets. These cards could have easily been non-scratch offs and just simple instruction cards shuffled about to pull out at random by the partner.

Second issue was the black bag. It looks silky but it's actually made of super cheap and super scratchy fabric. If the makers of 52 Weeks didn't want to spend the money on nicer fabric they could have opted out on making a bag at all as the cards can easily be tossed back into the box.

Reading the front of the box, there is no note that these cards are for male/female couples. If I had bought these at a store I would have been sorely disappointed as each card is labeled 'For Him' or 'For Her' to read. After reading the instructions on the cards, and finding that they are actually quite gender-neutral, I couldn't understand why the company bothered with the "His" and "Hers" labeling. I could just as easily perform these tasks for my husband just, as easily as I could for my girlfriend. The makers could definitely make these a little more GLBT friendly, and I think that would make the product appeal to more customers.

Then there were the instructions themselves. My husband, myself and my girlfriend all thought the instructions were somewhat ridiculous. We thought the idea of Super Lover was laughable and if I tried the trench coat with the skimpy outfit, there's no way my husband would allow me to leave the house for fear that something would happen and there I would be in lingerie and a little covering.

In all, I think these would be a cute idea for a bachelorette gift for those friends of mine that I couldn't imagine buying kinky gifts or lingerie for. However, for myself or those kinksters I'm friends with, I'll continue my search for something a bit more grown-up and naughty.

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