Monday, September 1, 2014

Kink of the Week: Buttplugs

The voted and much appealing Kink of the Week is Butt Plugs, which, as Kink and Poly writer Jade says, is very apt as August is Anal August (I did not know this!).

This KOTW marks the end of a hiatus for Jade as well as for us here at HP! Hurrah!

Lets plug along, shall we? (pun pun pun)

I have used butt plugs rarely. Anal just isn't my thing. I have tried it, I have enjoyed it a little, Sir enjoys it (more than me). However, due to some past medical mania I have been through...we tend to tip-toe around anal at times.
The only anal plugs I have ever tried were the Kobe Tai Anal Adventure (review linked). This is no the best for discussing anal among others as neither plug is made from what most would consider body-safe material and...well...I've since given those plugs away.

This lack of practice and...material...does make for a somewhat boring post for a come-back. So, I figured I'd share a story that was once shared with me. I wasn't really given permission to share this so I will refrain from naming names unless they decide to announce themselves ^_^

I was told this story at a MaST (Masters and Slaves Together) meeting in Alaska. It was during a discussion of whether or not Master is ALWAYS eh?
Slave S decided to regale us with the tail of their butt plug experience that cause Master J to consider listening to his slave when she recommends something be done a little differently than he commanded.
The story goes...
Slave S had been wearing a butt plug all day. Master J cornered her in the bathroom, told her to bend over and pull out her plug. She requested that she pull the plug out over the toilet as she feared that there might be some...leakage...
Unwilling to be argued with, Master J made the command that his woman bend over and pull out the plug.
Unable to argue with him more, Slave S bent over and pulled out her plug.
Slave S described what happened after as "you know when you open a champagne bottle..."
Yea...the visual was pretty much set.
Master J and Slave S spent some time after the butt plug removal cleaning up the projectile mess.

While I got a good giggle out of that story, there is a moral there...

I hope you enjoyed this little post about butt plugs from my very meager perspective.

Much love

Lady Phryxus

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