Sunday, June 23, 2013

What are Your Sleeping Arrangements?

The Submissive Guide Journal Prompts asked
What are your sleeping arrangements?

The Kama Sutra of Sleeping Couples by Dorothy Tan

The prompts asked in respect to Owner/possession and if the sub or slave sleeps elsewhere than with their owner. While I will answer that, I also wanted to write about this prompt because I'm asked about it a lot in respect to my poly relationship.

I sleep with my husband, Sir Phryxus, who is my Dom.
Part of our polyamory perimeters (rules) is that we do not spend nights apart. This is not to suggest other poly couples should adopt these rules, it is only to express how we do things.

As part of this rule of not sleeping apart, if Wolfy wants to sleep with me, she has to come over to my place and stay the night. Sir and I understand that this could cause some awkwardness since Wolfy and Sir do not have a romantic or sexual relationship.

We have a king size bed - a mandatory buy when we were living with our ex and the three of us were sleeping in the same bed. This allows for everyone to have their own space...and the cat to sleep where he wants to as well.

Our sleeping arrangement is that Sir sleeps between me and the door - a protective act that he has always done since we started sleeping together. I sleep in the middle since I love snuggles and I act as a barrier between two people that don't necessarily want to be close and comfy with each other. Wolfy sleeps on the other end furthest from the door...but between me and the monsters under the bed and in the closet...which is important for a lil girl like me.

If Sir was to find a girlfriend we would either have to figure out another sleeping arrangement or she and Wolfy would have to switch out slumber party nights, lol.

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