Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Northern Exposure Pt. 4: Leather and Fisting Vaginas

Saturday of Northern Exposure, I had to miss the first two class segments because I had work but when I got off I was excited to rejoin the community for more fun. All work and no play makes Lady Phryxus a dull leather girl. 

The first class I went to was Leathergirl by Mare. I have spent the last few months learning more about the Leather lifestyle and community so this was a class I had been looking forward to. I wasn't sure where I fit in this community but Leathergirl seemed a good combination of little girl and Leather Woman that I was willing to give it a shot.

Mare explained that to be a girl of Leather, certain attributes like honesty, integrity, and service were required. She also explained that having a vagina was not a requirement - only being a girl in your heart.
Midori, a kink expert and woman I greatly admire, was in the class with us and asked a pertinent question, "If a girl skips through the woods alone, is she still a girl?" She also asked Mare to explain what a girl was as if Midori was an alien and didn't know the difference between a boy and a girl. I'm not sure any of us were prepare to answer that question and it left us all pondering, if a girl wasn't just a young woman with a vagina, and this included boys and men who identified as girls,

Another point Mare made in the class was in regards to the term girl of Leather or Leather girl. The G in girl is always lower case. This, in the BDSM community usually denotes submission and gives the suggestion that all Leathergirls are submissive. However, the groups of Leathergirls such as the Seattle girls of Leather do not have submission as part of the guidelines, only service. In the class, we all agreed that service does not mean submission.

I left the class with so many idea running in my head and questioning - am I a Leathergirl?

Fisting with Big Bad Jim

For those of you who keep up with my FetLife account, you might have seen the announcement not so long ago that Sir is now one knuckle away from rewarding me with my red hankie for fisting. We are sadly, still stuck on that knuckle and cannot seem to move past that.

Jim's class was not only about the basics of Fisting but also to drive home the fact that it's not all about the fist! If you can only fit three fingers, great! If you can go up to your elbow...wow...but yea, great! Women are all different and not all women can take a whole fist. So long as everyone is having fun, she is filled, and there are orgasms going on, then Jim would say it was a successful fisting.

I was able to get a few questions answered - such as if the bottom part of the opening, the cartilage part, is supposed to stretch, but mine hurts - like pinching - what does that mean? I was told that this pinching feeling could be the cartilage stretching and to just go as far as I can, until I feel pain then hold back and try and work around it...and, as always, use more lube!

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