Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Northern Exposure Pt. 3: Beating Lil Bois in the Dungeon

The dungeon parties at Northern Exposure were part of the NE experience that I was looking forward to the most.

I had heard that it was the best dungeon of the year! That the equipment, scenes, and toys used were the very best and that nothing in Alaska could compare...I heard right ^_^

I arrived early because Sir had to deliver sound equipment. Watching a dungeon go up is always interesting to me as the construction tends to never looks like the results. It doesn't matter how simple a St. Andrews Cross or a leather spanking bench look in the glare of fluorescent lighting...in the darkness of the dungeon lights, they are fearful furnishings.

The first scare was a legitimate one - there was no music available. Something had happened to the thumb drives that had the dungeon music on them that corrupted the files and caused horrible high pitched noises to emanate from the speakers. I gave Sir and Wolfy a call "bring your cds."
Just goes to show even big events can have the same issues that smaller events have - Sir and I have come across this issue and similar ones before when having events in TN.
Between our cd collection and RubberDog's iPod, the minor music issue was resolved and On With The Show!

The dungeon was separated off into three spaces - a large dungeon area with crosses, benches, horses, wax and needle play, a curtained off stage area for photography, and a smaller alcove that was dubbed the 'sex room.' A smaller, well lit area for a lounge where auction items were displayed along with food and water. Another, medium size room that held suspension frames and a table for electrical play. On the whole, we had a lil bit of everything.

I began my night with big ideas - I was going to give everything a shot and top 3 friends and bottom to Sir by the end of the night...even though I had to work the next morning, even though I had to leave early, even though I was already super tired from running around all day...yea, it didn't happy like that at all, ha.

I was honored to top Wolfy and her friend questboi. Questboi and I know each other mostly as acquaintances who had talked a few times prior. When she asked if I would do a spanking scene with her before she left, I was happy to oblige. Aunty Flanna provided me with a leather slapper and we positioned ourselves at the nearest spanking bench.

I gave her a swift spanking followed by making her count five harsh whacks. Since this was her first time, I figured I'd go light.

This was followed by a scene with Wolfy that I had been looking forward to all evening.
I chained her to a St. Andrews Cross, and proceeded to flog her, only stopping to bite and caress. I can't go into detail or I might ruin something perfect. However, I was complemented by Aunty Flanna, a domme who I respect, who said it was one of the most sensual scenes she had ever seen.

It was an amazing evening. Sadly, I had to leave relatively early as I had work the next morning.

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