Thursday, June 20, 2013

Northern Exposure Pt 2: Lolita and More Enemas

My Friday morning started with sliding out of bed groggily and taking only a moment to realize that Northern Exposure starts today!

Friday began with the Registration Brunch at Mad Myrnas where Sir, Wolfy and I arrived early to help set up. Techbear was already underway with breakfast, busing his boys around the kitchen and the smell of pancakes and eggs was filling the air and making me sooooo hungry.

The line for registration was long but everyone was seemed both sleepy and so happy to be there. When things went awry with a few people (name tags lost or names not on the registration list) I came up with a catch phrase I continued to use the rest of the weekend, "We may not be the MOST organized group, but we're FUN!" Everyone laughed, agreed and carried on.

It was in the registration line that I met one of my personal kink heros, Lee Harrington!
Lee is the first person who explained Age Play to me, through his writings online and his books, in a way that I didn't feel like the freak that many of the people around me were acting like I was. He gave me the terminology and the words of wisdom I needed when I was trying to find my Little. It doesn't hurt that he is so knowledgeable of the kink community in general including rope work, which is why he was at NE!

Northern Exposure presenter Lee Harrington
Lee came through my registration line with his very good friend, a local, AKButterfly, who is happily one of my friends too. I was talking to her, so glad to see her there after not meeting up in a couple of months, when I turned to collect the next person's waiver and I.D.
It was Lee Harrington and I just knew my face was bright red as I tried to act nonchalant in marking him on my list. I don't hide my emotions well.
My lil sis, Rika Phryxus aka Devious Kitty, bounced over to hug Lee and introduce me to him. They have been friends for some time (since before Lee's transition from Bridgett) and Rika had been looking forward to seeing him since the winter intensive he taught at last December.
As I smiled and shook his hand and tried to think of something smart to say, I made it a point to have him sign SOMETHING before the weekend was through.

Registration was a quick event to make sure everyone was signed up, had a name badge (or was having one made for them), and the presenters were introduced.

Slave Elizabeth did the opening speech about Northern Exposure G4 - Going Forth. It was heartfelt and inspiring. She wanted us all to have a fire lit under our ass to do the things we've always wanted to do or even things we weren't sure of. I took the words to heart and was ready to live in acceptance and enjoy what experiences may come.

Then the real fun began...we went to the event location and classes started!

Dolling Up Your Lolita

Lolita Fashion has been a part of my Age Play for about a year now. When I heard that there would be a class on Lolita I was giddy with anticipation!

Master Charles and Slave Allegra created this class not only to show how Japanese Lolita Fashion can be used in play but to also touch on the concept of a Master choosing clothing for his slave...and for Allegra to play dress up in front of a group of people.

I was happy to see a pretty large spectrum of Lolita fashion including Sweet, Classic, and Goth Lolita. I was also able to ask the questions that had been with me about my own Lolita Age Play combo. Funnily enough, each question I asked, Allegra would say something along the lines of "I was just about to get to that" followed by a giggle. We both seemed to be on the same page.

The class was also validating for me as I have run into many who love Lolita Fashion but disdain my use of it in Age Play. I've even been told "Lolita was not made for kink." My response, "neither were shoes but they are one of the most popular fetishes out there."
To see someone openly demonstrate Lolita combining with her kink made me beam with happiness!

I left the class, missing my dolly and wanting to go out and put together adorable Lolita outfits of my own!

Enemas for Fun and Torment

When I heard my friend Deepfist would be presenting a class on enemas at NE, I was jumping up and down with excitement! Not only was this a person who is knowledgeable but also someone I have already learned so much from just in conversations outside of an event setting.

The enema class was informative and super fun to discuss the many torturous uses of enemas. The idea of a enema bottom taking all that they can when it comes to both enema liquid as well as the multitude of sizes of nozzles was both terrifying and intriguing.

I learned about how to help the water along, how enemas lend well to roleplay, that there was an enema conference called E-Fest, and that as someone who is not much of a masochist...I certainly don't want most of the equipment Deepfist shared used on me.

The classes was rounded up to Deepfist giving an enema to his demo bottoms DarkSuccubis and AKBug. As someone who has only ever given herself an enema, the class helped me out a lot to figure out how to properly give an enema to myself and others.

My first NE Dungeon Party where in I give a bad boy spankings and am complemented for a most sensual scene coming soon...

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