Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Northern Exposure Part 1: Potlucks and Enemas

Northern Exposure is a week long, kick ass kink flavored event full of education, parties, meals, shows and vendors! All hosted in a private venue for only 130 Alaskans. More than 30 classes and workshops are be taught by educators from all over North America.

Two time Northern Exposure People’s Choice Award winner, Big Bad Jim, says this about Northern Exposure

"Northern Exposure is a weekend where you get to be you. You don't have to hide behind the persona you show to the ‘nilla world. You can dress in your favorite outfits, talk as you want and be accepted. You will get to meet like-minded people. You will get to know people from outside Alaska who come to share their experiences. You will hopefully connect with many people and form strong bonds with these people because you shared in this experience.
Oh yeah, and there's food too."

I have been looking forward to Northern Exposure for months! I had heard about the events and classes, crazy educators and vendors, dungeon and lack of sleep from all of my friends and I just knew this event was going to be the 1 thing I would most certainly do in 2013.

When the class schedule was posted, I made a list of where I was going, where Sir was going, where Wolfy was going...not that we stuck to it at all, but I was so excited and I wanted to see EVERYTHING! I've been trying to split myself into multiples of me this last weekend just to catch a glimpse of some other classes I wanted to attend or to see other scenes in the dungeon or to lend multiple hands with other volunteers. Turns out that mitosis is for cells and not people.

RubberDog and his Pup at The Raven
The weekend event started off on Thursday with a Presenter's Pot Luck at The Raven!

Presenters, attendees, volunteers, and people who just wanted to glimpse at what Northern Exposure was all about (even if they weren't planning to attend) all piled in with a dish and a smile.

This was the first time I had a chance to see a few of these presenters live and in person, some of them I even got to touch! * gasp! *

The best part...well, it's a funny story that I feel is best told by Master Todd and Slave Elizabeth, the Southwest Master and Slave of 2013. I was told about a month prior to this event to bake molasses cookies for Slave Elizabeth...well, I lost track of time and it seems that the local grocery stores do not carry molasses cookies, so I grabbed a bottle of Brer Rabbit Full Flavor Molasses and hoped it would make due.

I handed the bottle to Fox Finder, head of Fox Finder Productions and one of the two people who put together and run Northern Exposure (the other being Sarha, IMsL 2013). A malicious grin formed on his face as he thanked me and went to collect the microphone. He asked Master Todd and Slave Elizabeth to step forward and presented her with this bottle of Molasses, inviting everyone present to please come and ask her about it as an ice breaker. Elizabeth was not happy even as I bounced for joy, because I knew what that molasses was meant to was a sadistic reminder.

I happily bounced up to the two of them, introduced myself and said proudly that I was the one who had bought the molasses for her. Elizabeth shook her head with a smile and said, "Fuck you very much!"

The Molasses and Milk Enema

The story goes (and if you get the chance to ask them, please do because Elizabeth tells this story so much better than me) that Elizabeth, who works in hospice, overheard that a Milk and Molasses Enema was very good for cleansing the system and smelled like cookies coming out!

Well, who doesn't want an enema that smells like cookies?

So Elizabeth went home to Todd and they gave it a shot. 1 part milk to 1 part molasses heated to body temperature and Todd gave her the enema in their bedroom. Not only was there a problem with the tubing coming loose and spraying them and the carpet with milk and molasses but...

Milk and Molasses Enemas are painful. Elizabeth described the pain with cramps, crying, moaning and sobbing until she could take no more and ran to the bathroom...unable to hold the enema in...spraying the carpet as well.

She matter-of-factly told me that it did NOT smell like cookies. It smelled like milk and sugar and death...and they could not get the smell out of the carpet. The carpet was only just recently changed in that room.

Elizabeth also informed me that a Milk and Molasses Enemas would not be wished on enemies unless you certainly wanted them to suffer before death. This set into motion a series of discussions of how to lure an enemy into receiving an enema from me...we're still working on it ^_~

With a start of the event like this...I just knew this event was going to be a blast!

(part 2 in which there are Lolitas and MORE ENEMAS coming soon)

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