Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kink of the Week: Knife Play

Kink of the Week
Have you ever played with knives? Do you want to? Does the sight of a knife’s sharp edge excite you, make you afraid, do both? What about the feel of a knife?
Does a knife at your throat (or other body parts), or does holding a knife to someone’s throat (or other body parts) make you hot or turn you cold? Is it fear play for you or just sensation play?

Sir Phryxus loves knife play! The above picture is a knife play scene with him where he slit my fishnets to shreds and peeled the remainder off of me at a play party hosted by the Fox Den.

Knives have never been a huge kink of mine but I love looking at the pretty knives available at fairs and festivals and pawn shops, etc. Sir has a rather large collection of knives as well that he is very happy with.

One of the hottest eroticas I ever read was on knife play that involved a Dom coming home to his sub sleeping with the window open. He scared her into waking up with a knife at her throat then used the handle of the knife to fuck her. Read that story years ago and it still turns me on to think of it.

Sir uses knife play as a lead up to blood play (where he uses sterile blades) most of the time. He normally uses a large knife for show, to rile the submissive up then run across her skin to train her not to squirm at the feel of cold metal on her heated skin. After he feels she's ready...or terrified enough...he then switches to the sterile scalpel blades fresh from their packaging. (I am aware that not all knife play involves blood play, this was simply his experiences with it).
These cuts are on our ex which are also a reminder to those who are getting cut - listen to your knife/blood play top, when enough is enough...its enough AND don't pick at the scabs and use salve or neosporin unless you want scars...


  1. I love the images of knife play, and the aftermath! Very sexy.

  2. Knife play excites me, blood play terrifies me. Interesting read.

    Rebel xox

  3. I'm with Rebelle on this. I like that you have some advice, and that he uses sterile.

  4. Great post... I love having my clothes cut off me.