Monday, June 3, 2013

Kink of the Week: Furries

Kink of the Week

since I get to ask the questions, here’s what i REALLY want to know: Is it sexual? How does that work?? ~Jade

I have a few fursonas (personalities) but the one that seems to get the most attention by those who know of it and me (probably because they hardly ever see her) is my cow-sona, Strawberry Milk.

Strawberry Milk is a young cow, not much more than a calf, who is very shy and submissive. I cannot keep this fursona on for long if I can manage it at all if there is anything scary or intimidating around me so I haven't  been in this character that much.
She is a white and pink Holstein with brown hair and tiny horns. Her favorite treat is strawberry jelly filled marshmallows (the Hello Kitty kind). Her favorite activity is being herded around by Sir Phryxus and given a bath by him.

Sir Phryxus loves Strawberry Milk and wishes she would come out to play more but understands why she doesn't. I becomes very sensitive to any sort of teasing or anything that might scare me when I am with her. In a sense, she is the ultimate form of my submission.

Is it sexual?
For me, yes!
For others? maybe not. I don't think it has to be but I also don't think its a bad thing for others to find it sexual either.

Other than the fact that I have sex when I am in my fursona mindset...

Another part of furries I find exciting is the fursuits! They look like HUGE PLUSHIES!
As an age player and a plushiphile I would like nothing more that for one of my loves to become a huge plushie that humps me back!

Other fursonas include a cat, Mimi, and a bunny, Usagi. Mimi is the one that is most often seen.


  1. *moos hello to Strawberry Milk* You're the first cow that I've ever met - I am delighted! Last year I came to the realisation that I have a cow personality as well. I am Milky Red Heifer.

    Although I don't consider myself furry or that I have a fursona (I call it one of my animal personalities, the other being Momma Bear, a grizzly), I can totally relate to what you say about Strawberry Milk being a very submissive calf. While Milky Red Heifer is an adult Jersey she only comes out when with m'Lady, and only when in an intensely submissive headspace. It's heady and terrifying and wonderful all at once!

    xx Dee

  2. Thank you for sharing this. My knowledge of Furries is limited and so it is lovely to read someone's experiences and thoughts on the subject.


  3. Just like Molly, I don't know much about furries and am here to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing :)

    Rebel xox