Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kink of the Week: Electrical Play

Kink of the Week

So what is your viewpoint on electricity as a kinky toy? Do you play with it?  If so, how do you play with it? (Inquiring minds – or at least this inquiring mind – wants to know, being an electricity virgin.)

Here are a few of the more “common” types of electrical play. Have you ever played with any of them? Are there others that you enjoy that aren’t listed?

  • Violet Wands
  • Tens Units
  • Cattle Prods/Tasers
  • Bug Zappers

Have you experienced electrical play yourself? Did you enjoy it? Do you find it painful, erotic, irritating – electricfying? ;-)

If you play with electricity as a Top or bottom, what draws you to it?

If you had asked me a month ago would I ever be into Electrical Play, I would have said NO.
I don't like the feel of it. It's not that its painful, for a flogging or paddling is so much more painful to me and I enjoy them. I simple don't like the feel of it. It doesn't turn me on...or didn't.

A friend of mine recently lent Sir Phryxus his Violet Wand kit, complete with several attachments. I was not pleased. I thought, "oh no, now Sir will want to use it on me..."

Instead of my dread being made real (well, I suppose it was as had to experience being electrified a couple of times in order to remind myself how it felt) something awesome happened. I was able to see it used on other submissives and to eventually use it at as Top.

How fun to watch a body squirm as the scent of ozone filled the air and the arch of electricity lurched from wand tip to skin and raised hairs and chill-bumps. It was so exciting!

I became an Electrical Play Top. My first task - zap my girlfriend Wolfy's vagina of course! ^_^

I also was pleased to watch as Devious Kitty and Wolfy proceeded to have an electrical slap fight in the middle of the living room, aiming for tender areas like nipples. If you haven't seen two girls electrical slap fight, grab a violet wand with the attachment that makes the wearer the electrical conduit and give this a shot!

At Northern Exposure, Wolfy experienced electrical play on a broader scale in the class Stun Gun Fun with Eibon. She was given a taser for her efforts in the class! Oh how I have had fun with that this weekend!

I also learned how just because someone can be electrified in one place and handle it like a champ, taking that same tool at the same strength to another part of the body (oh, say, tits or ass or pussy) and they squirm and squeal and turn many shades of red (not gray). It is a beautiful thing!



  1. Wonderful post and I am glad to see you have been having some fun with the shocking pleasure of electric play.

  2. Excellent! Glad to hear you were able to turn your view on this type of play around :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. Glad you had a bit of fun with one of my all time favorite types of play *seriously loves violet wands*. Hope you get a chance to dish out some more fun in the future :)

  4. Oh my I think that much electricity being waved around would completely freak me out. I read this and really made my fear niggle at me.


  5. I feel like Molly... the idea of using electricity just freaks me out too much. I believe we should never say never, but in this case I do not think I will ever try this kink.

    Rebel xox