Friday, May 17, 2013

Submissive Journal Prompt: Mono or Poly?

Submissive Journal Prompt:
Do you consider yourself monogamous or polyamorous or some other category which cannot be defined? Is there such a thing as “no preference”? What makes your preference work for you?

I am Polyamorous.

I was drawn to polyamory when my husband and I discussed my bisexuality and desire to explore that beyond our marriage.
When I started reading about and looking into poly lifestyle and poly relationships, one of the key factors that helped me was the pagan community that was poly.

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and the Ravenheart clan actually titled this open style of relationship polyamory, drawing from terms in Greek and Latin to create a term that is now used everywhere from FetLife to Cosmo.

My favorite book on the subject is Raven Kaldera's Pagan Polyamory. It is the first book I read on the subject and one that helped me with the configuration and conflicts that are seen in poly.

My relationship is a simple one as far as poly goes, but complicated if compared to a basic monogamous relationship.

I am married to my husband, Sir Phryxus. We started out with polyamorous relationships not long after we were married. We started out with closed, trinogamous (three people in a closed, committed relationship) and worked that way for 2 years.
Recently, after a breakup, we decided to open our relationship up to date separately.

I am now dating my girlfriend, SinisterWolfy. Her and I have an understanding that we are currently building our relationship right now but if at some point we have an interest in playing with or seeing another person, we would simply sit down and discuss it.

Sir Phryxus is enjoying dating and very much in his element of not jumping into another relationship too soon.

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