Friday, May 17, 2013

Nikki Haze Sexy DJ No Cost Extravaganza!!!

I'm excited to inform you that 9 of the Sexy DJ books are available at NO COST all week!  
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Available at NO COST May 15th-May19th 

“Enough.” Nikki grabbed the whip from her hand and tossed it aside, pulling Redd forward with her. Indigo’s legs were spread so impossibly wide and Redd watched as Nikki slide her finger into her dripping cunt. She ordered Redd to kneel and finger her ass.

“Good girls,” she mumbled to both of them just as Indigo screamed, her orgasm louder and more terrifying than when she was beaten. It seemed endless and Nikki ordered her to keep her fingers in Indigo’s ass as she ran her hands over the hot red marks. Redd’s cunt prickled at the thought of that edgy feel of an orgasm wracking you with the fresh burn of the whip on your skin. A good beating like this, not the few licks she’d earned earlier. Redd used to crave a good punishment from Nikki. It made her almost pass out until she came again and again form.
Available at NO COST May 15th-May19th

“I’m not nearly done apologizing, baby.” 

“Really?...oh.” Indigo moaned and held onto Redd’s hair as she tongued one of her nipples, pinching the other between her fingers. Redd felt her own naked cunt, slick, sliding up and down Indigo’s belly as she worked her nipples. She could make Grey, back in Ibiza, cum from just this, and she hoped Indigo was the same. There was nothing hotter than being able to cum without any direct stimulation.Indigo bucked wildly underneath Redd, who switched to her other breast biting down hard on her nipple as she felt Indigo go completely liquid beneath her. Her second orgasm was slow and lazy as she moved her hips up and down in the air. She pulled Redd’s lips to her mouth and kissed her as the last rush of her orgasm left her lungs, shooting down Redd’s throat.Redd pouted, she didn’t get to watch that pretty pussy cum for her that time. She was crawling back down the bed. “I need a minute, come here.” She pulled Redd back in her arms and kissed her again. “Why are you so good at getting me off?”

Available at NO COST May 16th and 17th only 

Redd spread her legs wide to allow for fingers in her cunt and ass. Before Grey even lowered her face to Redd’s pussy she’d come again. “I love how you cum for me.” Grey trailed a finger up to length of her sopping wet cunt lips. 

“I love how you make me cum,” she heard Redd say before her lips came down on her cunt, with four hard pulls of her clit, Redd came again, squirting her juices down the back of Grey’s throat. She lapped at her thighs and then kissed her way up her body.

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  1. Gah! Of course they are available in Kindle format and I own a Nook. Curses! Thanks for sharing this anyways!

    I enjoy reading your blog. Can't wait to see what comes next!

  2. @Chastity you can always read them on your computer with the free Kindle PC app.