Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kink of the Week: Panties

Kink of the Week

"What’s kinky about panties?” But let me assure you, there is a serious fetish out there for panties! Frilly, lacy, sexy…thongs, boyshorts, bikinis…high-leg, tanga, barely there, seamless…just take a look at your local department store and you’ll see a billion dollar industry devoted to women’s underwear.

Do you have a panty fetish? Do certain panties signify certain things to you/about you? If you are in a D/s relationship, do you have or do you impose rules about the wearing of panties? Are panties even kinky, or just another piece of clothing – sure, they can be sexy, but kinky? Not so much…

While I do not have a panty fetish, panties do play a role in my kinky life.

As Sir Phryxus' sub, there are certain rules in place.
At home, I am usually pretty free to dress, or undress, as I wish. I celebrate topless Tuesday religiously, I usually enter the apartment, strip to my birthday suit and stay that way unless there is a need to put on the simplest of thin sun-dresses.

However, when I do leave the apartment, the rules apply. I dress, sometimes Sir picks out my clothing sometimes I do, and get ready to face the public. Before I head out the door, Sir does a panty check.
I am to wear panties when leaving the apartment. Period.
If I am caught without panties in public, discipline ensues.

Sir enjoys knowing that I am his woman, that there isn't a chance of seeing what is mine. This is why, despite the risque attitude I have online and when speaking to others, pictures bearing nipples or genitalia or the exhibition of them are prohibited.

As for the kinds of panties I own and wear...

Sir likes my black lace thong while Wolfy likes the black and red pair with the lacing in front. I like boyshorts...I know...a lil boring...but hey, they're purple tie-dye!


  1. Purple tie dye is fun!

    I always find the differences in people's rules interesting. Most subs that have a panty rule have a "no panty" rules. Your's is the exact opposite, and yet the reasoning makes perfect sense for your dynamic.

  2. Purple! Rock on!
    Panties certainly do apply in your kink, well done.

  3. I think boy shorts, especially the lacy ones are very sexy.


  4. Like Jade, I find it interesting that your rule is the total opposite of the normal rule of no panties.

    Rebel xox

  5. I agree with Rebel; it's cool to see a reversed kind of panty rule going on. I understand his possessive attitude and I think that in itself can be pretty hot.

    I like loads of different types of panties myself, but boyshorts are just so comfortable... I'm with you there :)