Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kink of the Week: Roleplay

Kink of the Week

Does roleplaying have a place in your kink, either play or relationships? If so, is there one particular type of roleplay you do, or many? 
Roleplay has a huge place in my kink/play/relationships - all together. I started out in the BDSM scene online in roleplaying forums and chatrooms. From there I found my space in vampire, furry, littlegirl/DaddyDom roleplay arenas and later even started out as a Domme/Switch in the same sites.

My Roleplay character, Loli,
on IMVU with SirPhryxus
Do you roleplay online or in the flesh, or both? 

Do you roleplay with certain people and not others, or only in a certain kind of scene? 
Offline- I am very particular about who I play with. The play can be intense (Bondage, impact play, sex) and I only play with people I am in a relationship of some sort with.
Online- the anonymity of online play and the lack of physical connection frees me up to play with others a little more. Even then, though, I am very particular - I won't cybersex with men, the use of proper spelling and grammar is a must, and I won't do certain rp scenes like incest or anything that breeches my hard-limits.

Sir and Lady Phryxus
July 14 2012
LP is roleplaying as a Kitten
What role(s) do you enjoy, and are there roles you’d like to explore?
I am a Switch and the roles I enjoy most vary depending on mood:
I like being a Dominant Little Girl - usually a big sister to a bad little boy or girl
I also love Vampire roleplaying
Recently I was introduced to the idea of being Little Red Riding Hood to a Big Bad Wolf

How does roleplaying fit in with your dynamic, and what do you get out of it?
What I get out of it and how it fits depends on the rp scene and my role.
If I am a bottom and the scene involves some sort of BDSM or sex, I get gratification of pleasing my top and of being thoroughly used.
If I'm a Top and say the scene is a nurturing or teaching one, I get the gratification of taking care of someone else.
The Top and bottom scenarios can be in any setting from Age Play to Vampire.


  1. I'm so glad you posted - you have by far the most extensive role playing scenarios I have yet read in the meme, and it was a very interesting read for me! Thank you! :-)

  2. Wow... interesting range of characters you have there!

    ~Kazi xxx