Monday, April 15, 2013

Kink of the Week: Foot Fetish

Kink of the Week
What an interesting fetish! Thankfully I had a number of photos I could post for this one...
 This photo is from a recent review I wrote for ZADO ankle cuffs. It is different than my other foot fetish photos because of the stockings and the bondage. I think it will appeal to those with niche foot fetishes.
 While I don't have a foot fetish myself, Sir Phryxus and a few of my past submissives do andI have done a variety of posts on this blog to give them a little fap-fodder.

This particular selection was from a review of LELO lube I did a while back. I am allergic/sensitive to most lube so I decided to review the sample on my feet.

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