Sunday, April 28, 2013

Her Wish, His Command Cover Reveal

If you liked His Need, Her Desire, which I reviewed recently, then you will be excited to know that the third book in the series, Her Wish, His command has just had the cover revealed on Malia Mallory's website.

She’d fantasized about him – fantasized that he clasped her wrists in one hand and bore her down to the ground, his body crushing her beneath him. His lips, hot against her skin, would explore every soft curve as his free hand roamed unchecked over her body. Just thinking of it now brought it all back in a rush that made her wish she were at home alone. Jonah had figured prominently in her solo sex life for years. On occasion, he’d even invaded her thoughts when she was with other men. She learned about her desires and her needs in other relationships, all the time wishing it were Jonah taking charge.

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