Thursday, April 4, 2013

Blood Lust book review

Blood Lust: A Vampire Erotica Lesbian Short by Kandace Tunn

Short, smutty and to the point, this smut is about fledgling vampire, JoAnn and her maker, Sherilynn. The story has the same gritty feel of pulp vampire comics and movies like Dusk Till Dawn. The two had a very Thelma and Louise feel as they travel through the country, staying motels just off the highway, finding victims at seedy bars. I can totally visualize them with denim cut-offs, pink nails, a little too much lipstick, and fangs.

The sex was hot, though I felt there could have been a little more than oral going on between the two. Also, Tunn explained JoAnn's back story really well between erotic paragraphs without destroying the vibe, which was great.

This is not so much a pure lesbian fic as there is reference to sex with men and comparisons to heterosexuality such as comparing the tongue of her maker to a man's penis. This is not necessarily bad, just something that I know a few lesbian friends of mine find irritating when they look for lesbian erotica.

The only issue I had was the lack of editing in some places. There were times that I felt that a few of the sentences didn't make any sense due to comma location and sentence structure. This made for some choppy reading and caused me to lose focus on the characters.

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