Thursday, April 25, 2013

Age Play Fashion Part 1

Age Play, like any other fetish, has a collection of tools, toys, and clothing that go hand in hand with the play and are keys to the psyche that help give the players that little push that is sometimes needed to get into the right head-space for the scene.
Clothing and Fashion are a great key for this as it is something that can be super simple and understated like a vintage cartoon t-shirt out for a day of relaxed play to something so elaborate that it can make up the scene itself; like turning a grown man into a sissy little girl all with the change from street clothes to the frilliest tulle and satin dress available.

Fashion in the Age Play and AB/DL world is as varied as the players involved. There is just so much that can be shown and said. This is why I decided to break this post up into a series of posts including Dark Age Play and Babydolls and Boytoys. I'll mostly be focusing on clothing but I'll throw a few toys and things into the game because what is a cute outfit without the right accessories?

I mostly wanted to start off the posts with a listing of shops that I recommend and that have been recommended to me from other age players and age plays sites. These are in no particular order:

Sissy Kiss Boutique
"Simply the ultimate range of sissy dresses french maids sissy lingerie panties garters and accessories anywhere on the planet"

Eden Fantasys
An adult novelty and sex shop that carries a variety of toys as well as several styles of school girl and other costumes appropriate for age play.

Jumpin Jammers 
Footsie Pajamas in a variety of prints - includes hooded, non-hooded, and even costumes.

Cosy N Dry
"CosynDry is a leading store for Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers around the world. Its run by a real Nanny who wants to find and make the best products for her babies."

Very Special Clothes
A shop selling Custom Adult Baby Clothes from dresses to jammies and more.

Etsy has a variety of Age Play and AB/DL shops including:

Never Grow Up
Carries diaper covers and booster in a variety of prints

AB Playground
Carries diaper covers and other clothes

Adult Baby Sissy
Has all kinds of ruffles and frills to make you smile

This is of course not a concise list and if you have a shop you would like to recommend I would love to see it. Please leave shop name and link and even why you recommend it in comments. Thank you!

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