Saturday, March 16, 2013

NE4 Auction Event

This past week I had a BLAST with my best friend from KY, Aconita, coming up to visit.
I really wanted to show her a good time so first stop was the Northern Exposure 4 Auction party at The Raven in Anchorage.

Listening to Allie of AMC Productions try and figure out what each product on the auction bock was was one of the funniest pieces of entertainment I've seen in a LONG time. For those that were there - the suggestion that large d-ring cuffs were instruments of CBT...yes, best part of the evening, for sure.

We did bid in the auction, and won a Cupping Set
I was SOOOOOOO excited about this set! We broke it out as soon as we got home and started suctioning cups to almost every part of our bodies ^_^
The set can be used erotically on nipples and more or it can be used as an addition to acupressure.

Later in the week, Pup came home from her new job (at Castle Boutique, the local adult novelty store) with freebies!
This is a Fun Factory Share, which we have dubbed the Purple Monster

Icicles No. 33 the Teddy Bear Vibrator
She also brought home Ultimate Spanish Fly herbal supplements and Sweeten 69 secretion sweetener. Pup learned that taking the Spanish Fly supplements with a libido enhancing energy drink shot can make you very ill. So, you've been warned...

Review of the toys coming soon.

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