Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kink of the Week: Spanking

March 25-31
2011 birthday Spankings for Lady Phryxus

Do you love it? Do you hate it? Never tried it?
I love being spanked...sometimes. I must say that when I'm being spanked for disciplinary reasons, I do not like being spanked at all - but that is due to the tone of the spanking setting, I don't like making my DaddyDom angry.

What do you like/hate/love about it?
When I do enjoy being spanked, its usually when I'm in Little's mode as an age player. Spankings put me in the mind set that I'm not an adult anymore and that my Daddy is perfectly capable of pulling me over his knees and laying his hand on my bottom.
I also love how these spankings for play usually proceed and turn into some kinkier play as Daddy explores my hot bottom and further.

Are you the spanker or the spankee or do you switch?
Even though I am a Switch I don't give spankings. I actually prefer to withhold physical touch from most of my submissives excepting certain situations.
So I am the spankee.

Do you have a favorite way to be spanked (or to spank) – or a least favorite? 
Over the knee (OTK)

Favorite implement/least favorite? Are implements even allowed in your style of spanking?
I have a paddle I am woodburning the words Daddy's Kitten into. Other than that Daddy uses a crop or his bare hand.

Is it a sexy/sensual/sexual activity for you? A playful one? Or is it punishment? (Or all of the above?)
All of the above in certain situations.
Sir Phryxus spanks me playfully at random times around the house or in public.
He spanks me during foreplay and during sex.
He spanks me as a disciplinary action.
Its a big part of our play.

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  1. Same with me... I am always the spanked and never the spanker!


  2. Thank you for joining in with the Kink of the Week! I have been so pleased with the response my new venture has rec'd. :-)

    And I love being "spanked randomly around the house" at times too!

  3. Over the knee spankings are the best :)

    Rebel xox