Tuesday, August 14, 2012

B is for Beach

B is for Beach – a review

Malia Mallory’s ABC’s of Erotica continues with book two, B is for Beach.

If A is for Anal was a tempting treat, B is for Beach is a delicious appetizer.
Erica and Ben are meeting for the first time after many conversations, some not so vanilla, over the phone. Now, not only is her desire for seeing the face of her phone-lover fulfilled but Ben also satisfies Erica with completion of one of her fantasies – Sex on the Beach.

I love the scene where Erica and Ben undress each other. So many times I am annoyed by how authors write these sorts of scenes. They tend to either go into too much detail and take too long or they go to fast and you’re wondering how so-and-so suddenly doesn’t have pants on when, in the last sentence, they were buttoned and belted. Kudos to Mallory for getting this scene perfect! I especially like the way she writes Ben’s fondling Erica’s breasts underneath the “loosened cups” of her bra. For some reason, that small statement seemed so intimate to me along with his licking the line of her cleavage. –sighs-

My favorite part, however, isn’t teasing sentences but the concept of sand bondage! Packing someone in sand and telling them not to move is a kinky concept I never would have thought of. While I don’t enjoy the thought of sex in the sand (there are just too many places for sand to go and make things uncomfortable, in my opinion) this is tempting enough for at least some play before heading back to the hotel or bungalow.

Also, a little teaser for my happy readers, there is a little foot fetish scene in the beginning that involves sucking and soles and toes and breasts. If that doesn’t tempt you to grab this book, I don’t know what will.

I will say, for those grammar Nazis out there, you may find a few details in this book a little annoying as far as comma placement, sentence/paragraph structure and a few awkward sentences. However, if grammar isn’t your thing or you simply don’t care, please overlook this statement. ^_^

I give B is for Beach 4 happy hearts instead of 5.

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