Saturday, July 7, 2012

House Phryxus Updates

Hey all,

well just a couple of updates tonight as there's something sticky in my keyboard and the type-o fairy is making me frustrated writing this.

1 Sir Phryxus bought me a new slave's journal ^_^
I'll have pics up soon as I can get a new camera but its leather and has celtic knotwork embossed on the cover. Its beautiful.
We're also working on some new rules so I can still feel in sub-mode without all the outward show that I'm used to. Some of it will involve writing in my journal daily or something as simple as drinking 2 bottles of water a day for my health.

2 Thank you everyone who has messaged, commented, or e-mailed me about the FanFic issue.
As to the suggestions to move my story to I probably will when I have more time online.
Thanks to those of you who have asked that I continue writing. I really appreciate your readership immensely.


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