Saturday, June 23, 2012

House Phryxus Update

Checking my Nekomimiloli e-mail today (for those of you who don't have it and would like to take a moment to e-mail me happy, naughty messages its nekomimiloli (at) yahoo (dot) com) and I'm a lil depressed over it.

There are all these amazing sales going on with the companies I enjoy reviewing for and all kinds of new products that I would love to get my hands on BUT
I'm still living with my in-laws here in Alaska until we can find an apartment and I can find a steady job.
Sorry to be whiney, must just be one of those days.
I need a spanking and to be put in Lil mode for the rest of the day ^_^

On a happier note -

I've learned to crochet and one of my upcoming projects is a Hello Kitty hat.
To sort of celebrate my new hobby, Sir Phryxus bought me a Hello Kitty tote bag to keep my yarn in ^_^
There's a store at the PX on the Base we're at and it has knock off products form China and Japan (and i assume Korea and Taiwan as well) and over half of it is Hello Kitty!!!! I just wish I had enough money to buy everything (and space to put it in).
I do plan on buying the big black Hello Kitty duffle bag for all of my toys...once they're shipped up here.

Oh and on a completely random note -
I've been going through pictures of our road trip and here's one I thought was pretty funny:

 I like that with the Subway there the Kum & Go has a 6 inch or Foot long options.

Lady Phryxus

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