Friday, May 25, 2012

e-book reviews

A Twisted Bard’s Tale by Selena Kitt, available through eXcessica

I was never a huge fan of Shakespeare (I know, it’s a statement that would make many of my friends and readers horrified by my lack of civilized literary appreciation…but it is what it is). That being said, I love this twist on the Bard’s Romeo & Juliet.

Selena Kitt answers the long murmured question: What caused the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets?

Not only does she give Shakespeare fans some food for thought but she offers a most delicious morsel coated in wet, luxurious, and delightfully sinful sensuality between two women who don’t get a lot of attention in the Bard’s original text; Lady Elizabeth Capulet and Lady Catherine Montague.

This lesbian tale did a fantastic job of sticking with the feel of 1-th century style and language and an even better job of getting me all hot and bothered. Kitt used delicate metaphors of trees and fruits that give the reader a description of the sex scene without feeling like each line is a vulgarity – something very few authors have been able to do, I’ve found.

Applause and 4 out of 5 stars for Selena Kitt and A Twisted Bard’s Tale. I look forward to reading more of her work as well as more from eXcessica.

My Snow White by Brindle Chase

I was excited to find My Snow White free on Amazon but my excitement quickly withered.
The story is of the lesbian fantasy and experimentation of co-workers Carol and Liz who meet at a Halloween party, Liz as a sexy Snow White and Carol as the wicked hag who offers an apple. Carol lures Liz out onto the balcony where the two have an illicit quickie. Not quite an erotic re-telling of the fairy tale but still a hot mini-read.
The sex is quick and gritty with a little exhibitionism thrown in, which could add to the fantasy if that is your kink.
My main issue, other than disappointment in learning that this isn’t a fairy tale, was that the story isn’t particularly romantic. Liz makes it perfectly clear that she doesn’t date co-workers and isn’t a lesbian but is willing to fool around with Carol just once because it’s a party and she’s a little drunk. After the sex, they dress and Liz leaves with a quick good-bye and “See you at the office.” If you don’t suffer from romantic sensibilities like me, this probably won’t be a problem for you.

In all, I give My Snow White a 2 out of 5 rating.

Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training by Red Phoenix

Brie is a young woman, fresh from college but hating the turn her life has taken as she wastes away her days in a tobacco shop. Suddenly, a mysterious and sexy man enters her life and leaves his business card – The Submissive Training Center
25 Years of Excellence -
Curios, Brie looks up the center and is plunged into the world of BDSM and slowly comes to wonder if she is truly submissive at heart.

The story is based on a wonderful fantasy many subs I know have – the idea of being training in an authoritative setting like a school or academy by a group of doms whose only goal is to mold you into the perfect little submissive.
The scenes are hot as Brie learns to submit even when her boundaries against anal sex, elderly doms, black men are pushed and broken. She also learns that she is willing to submit to a man’s pleasure even if it isn’t necessarily her own.

I liked Red’s story, especially when some of Brie’s teachers explain the finer points of submission like:
“If it’s more about your needs than your Dom’s, then it’s just role-playing in the bedroom.”
However there are times when the definitions are a little vague, as when an instructor is defining ‘sub-space’:
“The term sub-space refers to deep trance-like condition experienced by the submissive. The further into space she goes the more chemicals pump into her blood stream allowing for more intensive play.”
(Also, the book had some grammar and spelling corrections that need to be made that were distracting.)

I did enjoy the read and plan on reading the sequel and…third book by Red Phoenix, following Brie’s adventures in study. In all, I give the book 3 out of 5 stars.

Tied Up: A Fairy-tale for Grown-Ups by A.E. Boswell

Angela Robinson is on the up and up in her business, with talent not only in the boardroom but under the table with her boss as well. All of that could come to an end if she can’t get this deal with Mr. Pearson and she’s very tired of having to pay lip-service to his assistant just to try and get him on the phone.
When enough is enough, she goes to Mr. Pearson’s office and is told, yet again, that he is unavailable. Storming into his office, she can see why. Mr. Pearson is a fan of bondage and his assistant is all too happy to oblige…and to give Angela a taste of what it is like.

This short little tale of straps and suspension is neat but not quite able to get my blood to boil. There isn’t any sex, only the pleasure of being bound. So if that’s you’re thing, it might be a good foreplay read.
I give Tied Up 2 out of 5 stars for being well written and a good teaser for those that love binding and suspension. 

All of these books can be found for free on Amazon ^_^

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