Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patrick's Day Weekend

SirPhryxus' birthday is on St. Patrick's Day - he's such a lucky leprechaun.
To celebrate, we grabbed the vodka and headed to Knoxville to see the darling Mistress Fenreya who was sweet enough to make us dinner. It's always great to see her and I miss her in between visits.
She even gave Sir his birthday spankings - Oh I love to see him beat! I dunno what it is about it but, watching him get beat is probably my favorite thing in the whole world ^_^
He of course reciprocated with lots of spankings in return!

We stayed the night and woke up late the next day, ready for lunch. SirPhryxus love, Loves, LOVES Mexican food and can be very picky about it as he's had some authentic Mexican cuisine at friends' homes and whatnot. Fen took us just down the road to the Mexican Flea Market. It was rainy so it wasn't nearly as busy as normal.
Walking around, we bought some beads and a stamp at one stall and gushed over the Quinceniera dresses (Oh I wish I had had a party like that when I turned 15!).
While Fen was looking at one dress with Sir, he handed me some money and pointed at a big fluffy bunny she was admiring previously. I ran in, unfortunately interrupting the shop owner and what seemed like all the women in her family having lunch. They were happy to sell it to me and I wish I had taken a picture of Fen's face when I gave it to her - much cuter than the bunny.
Fen's cat liked the bunny too ^_^
We then grabbed tacos, gorditas and tamales from a vendor just outside - we watched one of the ladies make fresh tortillas by hand while we waited. That with some Jarritos sodas was lunch. I can't remember the last time I had such a good impromptu meal - now I'm craving tamales :(

Sunday, we relaxed with Sir's family and loved on the stray cat that has taken ownership of his grandmother's porch. 

He looks like he could be Fen's cat's brother
We're gonna see if we can't find someone who would like to take this sweet boy in. He's not fixed but we put flea medicine on him and he's soooo cuddly! We'd keep him ourselves if we weren't moving in a matter of weeks.

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