Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stay Away from the Daddies

So here's a rant...sorry for it but I feel there's some stuff I need to get off my chest. I'll also be posting it on FetLife.

In chat rooms and forums, needy little subs should stay away from people's Doms and Daddies. I feel this is more than appropriate and will make their lives a lot easier and cause less screen name booting.

In an ageplay chat I often hang out in there is a little that tends to push buttons by flirting with the Daddies in the room. Also, when there isn't a Daddy around, she doesn't stay for more than a second and checks back later when there is...
She, I'll call her miss m to protect names, had flirted with my Daddy and at first I didn't mind, I even offered to share my Daddy online but when I did she acted like there was something wrong with me and backed off majorly, would barely talk to me.

I did do one sort of mean thing when this happened after that. Daddy had logged onto the chat and I hadn't been in a great mood so I didn't. It was just Him and miss m in the room at that time and she again started flirting with him.
Daddy has a hard time calling subs down that aren't his. I think he's afraid of breaking them or something.
So I logged on as a different screen name I haven't used in years, littlefaun.
I went into the chat and asked mouse for some advice. There's a girl in a chat who is hitting on my Dom, what should I do?
Miss m became uncomfortable, like she was afraid my Daddy would call her out on the issue and tried to give me some advice about standing up for my Dom and all that. I then said bye and logged off and asked Daddy what she said after. He said she got really quiet and didn't flirt anymore.

She hasn't said much to my Daddy since, but then again I tend to be online when he is.

The reason for the rant about it today is, miss m is now collared, at least online and has a little {Dom's initials here} added to her screen name. Yet, she had the nerve to hit on my friend's Daddy when my friend was sleeping.
Whilst my friend was telling me this, miss m logged on and asked my friend if there was a problem. My friend is handling it with her and the chat moderators but I got pretty angry about it so I'm blogging...-_-

I've seen this issue several times before in forums and chats. Its irritating and leads the Dom's sub to either be openly upset of try and figure out how to handle things as politely as possible. Sadly it seems when the sub does say something, they come across to those around as being bitchy, even when they are in the right.

I just see this all the time. Sadly, it is mostly female subs doing this towards male Doms. I swear it reminds me of cats in heat trying to find a leg to rub against.
It all comes down to lack of respect. Lack of respect not just for the Dom, his sub or themselves but also for  what I consider the community guidelines.
There are no set laws and rules in BDSM but there are many guidelines that most don't step on.

Anyways, sorry for the rant but I had to do it.

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