Monday, February 13, 2012

Random Sex Bloggery

Hey Guys, there's no real theme to this post. Its just randomness I've thought up in between cleaning today...I really should be finishing up my VDay cards and Sir's VDay present but I'm usual

I recently came across Ducky Doolittle through a Twitter post about her video review of the Retro Rocket Vibe (its soooo CUTE! Gotta have one!). She's got this adorable way of talking and her blog is also a fun read.  I'm just now coming across her stuff so I don't have enough info about it all for a feature post but thought I would post it here anyways.

I also wanted to recommend a sex toy site that I DONT affiliate with lol.
Fun Factory USA is a great site not because of toys or affiliation programs but because of how their site is set up! When you go on their page there's a window in the middle talking about their news. Read that then close it out with red X button. To the left you'll see what looks like space knob thing that asks what your favorite color is and has a lil blob of each color around it. Click that and it will shoot sex toys of that color into the screen before you! Its soo cool! It might be the Little in me but I had so much fun with this.

I may not be blogging tomorrow. Its Valentines Day and I'm hoping to spend the day loving on Sir Phryxus.
I'll be sure to blog about any good times we have on Wednesday though ^_~

Speaking of VDay. For those that don't follow me on Twitter (and why not, I ask) you may not know that I won an Onye Gallery Petite vibrator from Sex Toy Geek Lucid Obsessions' Valentines Day Contest! Once I get it I'll do a review for you all who have been curious about these very pretty little buzzers.

I guess I should get those all important VDay cards done...laters


Oh I might get to see Mistress Fenreya tonight! -squees with excitement-

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