Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Io Lupercalia

So yesterday, for most people, was Valentines Day. Daddy and I celebrated enthusiastically ^_^

At 1 am, February 14th Daddy took me to breakfast at Perkins, which is open 24 hours a day.
We had the whole restaurant to ourselves, it was very romantic.

After that we crashed and slept until well past noon. At that point we did wake up to get some packing done (we're moving the 1st of April and still so much to do).
I made Daddy dinner and we watched Spellbinding on Netflix...well...sort of. Mid way through we got distracted.

Daddy has been playing with his wolf fursona lately...which is interesting in contrast to my little cowsona. Last night we gave homage to our pagan roots and celebrated Lupercalia...the feral way.
We incorporated Kitsu, my knotted dildo. This was the first time I've had the knot deeper than the first set of kegel muscles. It was AMAZING! Longest orgasm I ever felt.
Daddy Used on me for quite some time. He loves to be mildly sadistic when it comes to orgasms.
Finally he released me from it and we had great sex with him as the Big Bad Wolf and me the poor little cow.

Afterwards we finished the movie, sweaty and exhausted. We had planned to go a second round but Daddy was pretty worn out. We just snuggled and he ate some chocolates off of me...and made a mess with them.

I'd say over all I had an amazing VDay ^_^

I'll post the card I made for Mistress Fenreya and Daddy's VDay present here in a bit.

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