Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So It's turning into an Absinthe Valentines Day.

I gave Mistress Fenreya some absinthe shampoo and lip balm I created with Anise essential oil, an infused Hemp Oil (with dried hyssop and angelica), Fennel essential oil, and other natural and organic ingredients.

For my Husband DaddyDom I will be making my famous Absinthe Cupcakes ^_^ since he's been craving them and I haven't made them in months.

I find Absinthe intoxicating in more than just the alcoholic way. The scent of anise and fennel has a stimulating reaction with me. It wasn't until I did a little research that I learned that Anise is actually an aphrodisiac!
Its said that just sucking on teh seeds of star anise can give you a relaxed feeling that makes you want to have sex.
According to this article, the effects of anise are due to its estrogenic compounds.

If you want to add a little anise aphrodisia to your V-day you too can make my awesome Absinteh cupcakes that have received rave reviews ^_^


  1. That actually sounds amazing...We have a bottle of absinthe sitting around--I might have to try these!

  2. That would explain the one time I actually drank absinthe, I was all over Master. <.<; Interesting stuff right there! Thanks for sharing! ^.^