Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RP Aftermath

I just had a really hot roleplay session with Mistress Silk and Miss Goregina that left me soaking wet, unable to type properly and spasming from orgasm aftermath...oh and the sheets are a lil damp as well. all started last night.
I met Little Miss her harem of ageplay cum-sluts and had a small orgy with them in which I also participated in treating miss kelly, our submissive governess as a cum slut...which turned me on more than I originally wanted to admit.

This morning I met kelly in Mistress Silk's domain and there, Mistress Silk and Miss Goregina decided to have their way with my character. I was handed Mistress Silk's black silk panties and licked the soaking wet crotch clean, which endeared me to the Domme and thus she made me a moderator. I was then given head for an hour by Miss Goregina until i was using my dildo on myself, barely inserting it and pretending it was her probing tongue until I came...hard.

I was then asked if I would send a pair of my wet creamy panties to Miss Goregina...I'll have to ask Sir ^_^

I'm thinking of writing some erotica based around these characters...its just too hot to keep to myself lol.

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