Saturday, January 28, 2012

Going to see Mistress Fenreya

I get to visit Mistress Fenreya tonight!!!

I made her special Guinness Cupcakes ^_^ and we're bringing farm raised beef steaks, home made sweet corn, potatoes, and some broccoli to make her dinner...oh and the rest of the Guinness and probably a pack of Sir's desired beer lol.

We're meeting her at where she works as the head piercing artist at Synergy Ink. She's supposed to take a look at my traygus and figure out why its not healing faster, we think I might be allergic to the metal ring in it and all I need is a hypo-allergenic ring (she has a black one with a pinky-purple-blue stone for me ^_^) and then staying the night at her house and just plan on hanging out with her, which we haven't done in FOREVER!
There was talk of eating cupcakes off my boobs...and a perusal of her extensive toy chest ^_^

Mostly I'm just happy to see her -bounces happily- today is taking forever until we leave tonight...ugh the impatience of me...

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