Monday, January 9, 2012

Crimson Rose Part 1

Here is the Beauty and the Beast fan fic I promised as Belle won the Princess poll. 
It's based after the Beast changes but before the wedding and has to do with the culture shock Belle goes through as everyone has turned back into a human. 

Belle sat in her bedroom at her vanity and felt uncomfortable in the silence. The furniture was no longer alive, simply cold wood and stone. Her mirror would no longer tell her she was beautiful, her wardrobe never help her with her clothes. Yes, she had servants for that now, but could she ever call anyone a servant?
She thought about this in order to prevent her from thinking of what was really bothering her. The man. The man downstairs. The man talking with her father about the use of treasure and gold to repair damages to the castle, to clear the landscape, to buy carriages and horses and stable boys, and so on. The man who was a prince and no longer her Beast.
Belle wrapped her arms around herself and looked up into the mirror. Two nights ago, during the attack of the villagers…and Gaston…she had been a brave young woman. Now she felt like a lost little girl…as lost as she had felt the first night inside this…what once was an enchanted castle.

A knock at the door interrupted her reprieve. Belle took a beep breathe and tried to remember what she had been doing – the brush near her hand reminded her and she continued to brush out her hair. “Come in.”
Mrs. Pots opened the door and smiled at the girl at the vanity. Few people had seen Belle since the battle, since the change. Chip was one of the few that could elicit a smile from Belle these days, and the others…they were too preoccupied with their newfound humanity.
“Hello dear,” Mrs. Pots said softly as she closed the door behind her.
Belle smiled weakly up at the older woman as she set her brush down. “Hello Mrs. Pots.” She turned to face the woman fully and fidgeted a little with the hem of her sleeve, guessing that this discussion was inevitable.

Mrs. Pots stood before the girl and was reminded that, though a woman, Belle was still so very young. “We haven’t seen much of you lately. Lumere says you haven’t even been in the library.”
Blushing, Belle nodded, “I have quite a few books up here in my room to suit me for now,” she gestured to a stack beside her bed and another beside the window seat. It was a lame excuse but all Belle had.
Looking at the stacks of books Mrs. Pots nodded and went on, “And we’ve not seen you come down for dinner.”
“I’ve been very tired lately…” Belle looked down at her slippered feet.
“And the Prince has been asking about you.”
“Has he now…strange I thought he was very busy, what with the renovations and the diplomatic councils that have been coming and going.”
“Belle,” Mrs. Pots frowned and her tone grew stern. “What is going on in that pretty little head of yours? For a girl who is so very smart you sure aren’t acting like it.”

Bell felt tears sting her eyes. She knew she wasn’t acting maturely but she was frightened. That man downstairs was foreign to her…so terribly different from the Beast she remembered…and missed.
Seeing the tears, Mrs. Pots knelt down next to Belle’s vanity seat and pulled and handkerchief from her pocket and dabbed the girls cheeks. “Now, now dear. No need for that. Tell me, what is the matter.”

Through the tears, Belle poured out her heart and all the troubles she had been dwelling on in the past two days. How Adam was so different from Beast, how she had no idea how to act around him, how the shock of everything suddenly being so different…it was as if she was right back to where she started. How everyone expected her to be a princess now but Adam hadn’t even touched her since that night nor had he mentioned marrying her. How all of this was so overwhelming all she wanted to do was hide and read and not think about it.

Mrs. Pots listened and hugged the girl close. By the end of it the handkerchief was soaked and both women were sitting on the floor between the seat and the vanity. Patting Belle’s head, Mrs. Pots began to contemplate a plan. 

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