Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy Weekend Pt. 2: Wax Play

After that we left the shop and went to get drinks, turns out Fen and I have similar taste in beer. The liquor store was closed so we went on to her apartment where we met her snake and lizard and wonderful cat.
After a fuss about pizza and having a beer and a cupcake we had a look at Fen’s toy chests.
I love her collection of floggers, dildos, and more. One toy in particular, her rabbit fur vampire glove gave Sir the heebie-jeebies lol.
After the perusal we did some wax play.

The Cheap Way to do Wax Play
You will need:
1 mini/small crockpot (really cheap at places like Walmart)
A pack or 2 of Gulf paraffin wax
Some oil (you can get whatever kind you like but I use coconut oil from Mountain Rose Herbs)
1 dollar store shower curtain (I just lay on the linoleum floor of the kitchen)

Mistress Fenreya had me undress completely (even took off my collar) and lay on the floor (she was nice enough to use a space heater on the floor to keep me from freezing to death). She sat beside me and oiled me down (mmmm yummy massage) then the wax play fun began. Along with her hands, Mistress Fen used a little purple wandy-think that had lots of plastic strands to apply some of the wax and do some like impact play.

Sadly the Gulf wax wasn’t melting properly that night (we think there might be something going on with the crock pot) so she tried 2 tallow candles. O.o those things can burn sort of hot and I did use my slow down safe word – Yellow – when some tallow wax got on my butt…ouch.

The use of the cold knife to remove the hardening warm wax was intense. Mistress Fen said sometimes she uses a wax dipped in ice water and a knife warmed in hot water to play with the sensations. At one point she was using her knife to remove wax from my butt and it tickled so bad I squirmed. She said “you better school yourself little girl, you have a knife on your ass” and I stopped moving completely. “Good girl.”

She also used mini ice packs and had them set on my butt to hold them while she dripped more wax 
Yes Mistress Fenreya has a sense of humor.

Also no pics of this because we, Fen and I, were nude and not in the mood for exhibitionism heh. 

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